Selkirk Avenue

Ross Eadie in front of the bell Tower on Selkirk Ave.

Ross Eadie in front of the bell Tower on Selkirk Avenue

A large part of my work has been dedicated to try and resolve the problems with Selkirk Avenue and adjoining neighbourhoods.  Much of the work is with the Selkirk Avenue Business Improvement Zone.  Besides coordinating the Selkirk Ave. BIZ’s operations like calling meetings, purchasing street maintenance equipment and applying for grants, the following efforts happened with my direct involvement with many people who care about Selkirk Avenue:

Students and youth leaders developed a banner scheme with five different related themes, and with small grant money and BIZ funds, over 40 banners were installed on the tall light standards from Main Street to Arlington Street.

With Councillor approval, the City of Winnipeg transferred a vacant lot to the Merchants Corner project for $1.00 to assist in advancing education and housing for people of the North End.

With the Aboriginal Youth Opportunities group making the bell tower their base, the Selkirk Avenue BIZ and Councillor renewed the bell tower roof and added City of Winnipeg and Canada flags.

$60,000.00 was set aside to renew Powers Park on both sides of Selkirk Avenue which has also received other grants thanks to the Live Safe Neighbourhood staff.

Hiring youth from the area, there has been a Selkirk Avenue street maintenance crew keeping the area clean of litter, grass and bushes cut, and working with the North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC) activities – thanks NECRC for running the payroll.

As the councillor and president of the Selkirk Avenue BIZ, I have been involved with the economic development planning process, steering committee for the Store Front Enhancement Grants, and steering committee for the Merchants Corner project.

There is much more to come for Selkirk Avenue!